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Some progress on the first issue



Hey, so after I put out that call for submissions I had a bunch of emails from some ridiculously talented people with a bunch of fabulous submissions that I’m so so happy to say I get to print in the zine! Which is way exciting and you should be excited. 

If you still want to submit something and see what’s going on with this whole thing my email is so far I’ve got a load of poetry, possibly some experimental photography, and yours truly is contributing a piece about Download festival and all the macho bullshit found therein which might be your cup of tea? I don’t know. I’d really love some prose especially so if you or someone you know is into that, please get in touch with me :) 

As it stands i’m hoping to get this first issue out by the middle of next month. It will be available online (probably via issuu) but also if you want an actual physical copy sent to you you’ll get a cool bonus poem by Jake Lowery and probably some other cool trinkets depending on what I can fit in the envelope. 

Cool, that’s it. Let me know if I’ve missed anything out. 


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